The St. Dimitrie Staff
our greatest resource..........
Floyd's spouse, Ancuta, is helping us when
we have need of her time and talents. Of
course she is also quite busy with her own
project through OCMC, the "Protection of the
Theotokos Family Center" , which is for the
prevention of abandonment of children under
2 years of age.
We partner with the Theotokos Center in
many of our fundrasing projects, sharing our
resources and efforts.
On either side of bishop Vasile, (Basil)  is
Fr. Calin Popovici (L) and Fr. Liviu Borsa.
These two priests have been helping us
as volunteers at our projects in Cluj and
Savadisla. Here you see them at the
blessing of the St. Dimitrie day-center,
"Casa Alba".
They are of great help to our activities.
"Christiana" - The Philantropical Christian-Medical Association
St. Dimitrie Basarabov Program
- Addiction Education and Counseling in Romania-
The spiritual counselor
Fr. Ioan Simion is
appointed by the
Mitropoly of Cluj,
Alba, Crişana and
Maramureş to offer
spiritual guidance to
our clients and to be a
lieson with the
Orthodox parishes in
Cluj and not only.

Laura Popovici, SW,
is involved in the
primary social work
with our clients.
Currently, Laura is in
training to become a
family therapist.
Nicoleta Amariei, SW, MA,
is specialized in addiction
counseling and is involved
in developing the
educational program and of
coordinating the
relationships with other
institutions, including with
starting new programs.
Currently, Nicoleta is
also coordinating the
counseling program.
Peer counselor
Richard Regian,
is involved in the
daycenter activities, in
running the aftercare
group, but also in the
awareness groups we do
in the psychiatric
clinics.  With Fr. Ioan,
he runs the groups from
the Psychiatric Hospital
in Borsa.
Peer counselor
Ucu Ghete,
is responsabil for most
of the activities from our
drop in center "Casa
Alba" and also from the
TB Hospital in  
Săvădisla. Ucu is also
the "prime artist"
involved in the
occupational therapy
that we do.
Floyd Frantz, OCMC missionary , licensed in Psychology and
addiction counselor with over 25 years of experience. Floyd is
the director and the founder of the St. Dimitrie Program (in
November of  2000). At the same time, Floyd has introduced to
Romania the bio-psycho-socio-spiritual approach in addiction
treatment (also known as the Minnesota Model of recovery).
In 2010, Floyd was awarded with
"The Transylvanian Cross"
on behalf of the Mitropoly of Cluj, Alba, Crişana and
Maramureş, as a sign of gratitude and recgnition of his
contribution to the development of addiction treatment
programs in Romania.
Claudia Varga, SW, MA,
is specialized in addiction
counseling and is
involved in developing
the counseling program.  
Also, Claudia takes part
to the educational
program, as an organizer
and trainer.
Mihaela Stânceanu,
SW,is the administrative
and fund-raising
coordinator. With a rich
practical experience,
Mihaela is also involved
in specific social work
activities needed by the
clients of our day center.
Peer counselor
Marius Oprea,
is one of the two
facilitators of the
outpatient group and is
also involved in doing
community awareness
activities in the
psychiatry clinics and for
the medical community.
Currently, Marius is also
a taxfree Social Work
student at UBB.
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