The people on this page have came to us as short term missionaries, or
"Mission Specialist's" as we like to call them. They stay with us for one
or two weeks, bringing with them expertise in the fields of medicine,
counseling, spirituality and 12 Step Recovery.
Dr. Spero Kinnas from the Chicago area
spent a few days with us helping with
our counseling courses. His presentations
on FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) were
most well received by the priests and
other participants in our training program.
Fr. George Aquaro from Los Angles
did some wonderful seminars for us
on the spirituality of addiction and
recovery. He was also a big hit with
our patients. We look forward to his
return in the near future. Here you
see him at the Tb hospital in
Fr. Andrew Harrison from the Chicago
area gave a very helpful training on
family systems and addictions programs.
We are hoping that he will be able to
return to us soon. Here you see him
sitting in our group room at the Tb
hospital in Savadisla.
Coming to us from the Bahamas, and
from Detroit, are Maria Chisnal and
Joanne Tudor. Their wonderful quilting
program brought new energy and joy
into the lives of our patients in
Savadisla and at the Protection of the
Theotokos Family Center. Here you see
Maria (left front) and Joanna (left
center, standing) teaching at one of
their quilting classes in Savadisla.
Sheila Fox came all the way from
Orlando in order to share her
experience, strength and hope with
the patient groups in Savadisla and
Borsa, and with the 12 Step groups
in Cluj.
A very special treat for us was the visit
of  OCMC associate director Fr. David
Rucker. Here you see him visiting at the
Protection of the Theotokos Family
Center. His love, guidance and spiritual
message was shared in our programs
and with our staff. Our only regret was
that he had such a short time to stay
with us here in Cluj.
We are also doing some work in
the Republic of Moldova, a
country just east of Romania.
Here you see two of our good
friends Bob Hughes (right) and
Barbara Hughes (in red dress)
with Fr. Ion Cristea from Leova,
Moldova. Bob and Bob come to
us through "GOAL Ministries" of
the Episcopal Church in the
United States and is helping with
our program development in the
Republic of Moldova.
Special People
- Giving a piece of themselves for others!
Professional counselor Doug Hadley
not only did some very fine addictions
training classes for us, he was also
involved with the patient groups in
Savadisla and in Cluj. Here we find
him at the psychiatric hospital in Cluj,
where we have a daily group to give
information about our programs and
the availability of 12 Step recovery in
"Christiana" - The Philantropical Christian-Medical Association
St. Dimitrie Basarabov Program
- Addiction Education and Counseling in Romania-