the fallen, to cure the sick (physically, mentally or
spiritually), and integration into the community
and the dignity of the alienated condition of the
communion of love towards God and people.
This is spiritual and practical meaning of
salvation of fervent human as healing, release
and waiver or his rising.

                          His Beatitude DANIEL
   Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church
The Gospel of love and
eternal life of the Savior
Jesus Christ calls each man
to release sins and selfish
passions which degrades
the health, dignity and
human freedom to commit
to the good for his benefit
and that of his fellows.
Christ Gospel annunciated
by the Church through
The National Antidrogue Program (P.N.A.)
of the Romanian Orthodox Church
In the frame of a partnership with the "Solidarity and Hope
Foundation" and together with Fr. Iulian Negru, the head of St
Nicholas Addiction Center from Iasi, we've made a proposal to
the Romanian Ortodox Church Patriarchate about starting a
National Antidrogue Program of R.O.C., proposal that was
aproved by His Beatitude Daniel in 2008.

We hope that this will help our church in Romania to shape and
promote a stronger strategy on prevention, information and
treatment of addiction.

Since most of our activity is done close to the Orthodox parishes
and with the involvement of the Ortodox clergy, it is just natural
to try to expand our projects to a countrywide range.

Here is the link to the official website of N.A.P.

Mission statement of N.P.A.

We believe that addiction is primarily a problem of spiritual
nature and that the Romanian Orthodox Church has the ability
and duty to heal its spiritual childrens. Given the large number of
consumers of alcohol and tobacco, the experts estimated an
extension of the phenomenon of illicit drugs consumption, as well
as an amplification of the oldest forms of dependencies as
gambling, pornography, etc., but also the emergence of new types
of dependencies such as computer, internet, shopping, etc., we
believe that the priest of these times must have a complex training
to deal with "the assault of passionos" as to the numerous
contemporary challenges.
Both priests in parishes, and missionaries and charity priests in
prisons, hospitals and military units are facing social problems
caused by alcoholism and most recently, the consumption of illicit
If regarding alcohol consumption there are canons and pastoral
guides, regarding the consumption of illegal drugs, the Romanian
Orthodox Church has to initiate and develop a strategy and vision
of its own, in accordance with its ancient doctrine.