Today in Romania if a person is alcohol dependant there is really little hope for him. The
doctors have few resources, and very few of them have training in working with addiction. Many
alcoholics will talk to their priest about their problem, but the priest himself usually knows little
about addiction, and there are no professionals in Romania to send people to for help. At this
time their solutions are to prescribe some pills that are addictive themselves, or to have the
person take an oath at the alter. In the meantime the alcoholic relapses without understanding
why, and he and his family suffer. Over the past 10 years our training programs have reached
hundreds of priests and other professional persons in Romania.
In 2010 we trained 230
priests from 6 cities
about addictions and
Above you see Fr.
Vinciciu from Agapia
monastery taping a
conference in Cluj.
Above, Fr. George Aquaro
speaks about family
systems in Craiova.
On the left,
participants in our
training at Tismana
The heirarchs like our programs
because of their concern for the
family system in Romania.
The Church seeks education for her
We began our work in
Craiova in 2003, with
the help of an OCMC
Above is Bishop Nicodim,
from Craiova. Center is his
Beatitude Daniel, now our
beloved Patriarch.
Bishop Piesius and
Archbishop Nicoliea (above)
in Timisoara, and Bishop
warm greetings.
The Iasi archdiocese printed
my book, "Manual for Priests
and Doctors on Alcoholism"
and invited me to introduce it
to the priests in Iasi.
We do more than class room
instruction. On the right are two
to Cluj for a practicum training.
We now have 12 Step groups in
two parishes over there.
In the picture below, you will find 2
doctors, two priests, a social
works who participated in a
training given by OCMC
missionary Doug H in 2002.
We also work closely with
the local university, and with
national anti-drug agency for
Romania. On the left is a
training for social workers.
On the right you see OCMC
missionary Bob Born
teaching a group of social
workers about working
with alcoholics in prisons.
All of our trainers are
professionals, and certified to
teach in their respective area. We
train professionals in Romania
who would not other wise
receive such trainings.
Our training of social
workers, psychologists,
doctors, peer counselors
and priests are a vital part
of our long term plan for
helping the Romanian
community to address
"Christiana" - The Philantropical Christian-Medical Association
St. Dimitrie Basarabov Program
- Addiction Education and Counseling in Romania-