Casa Alba
The St. Dimitrie Day Center
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In 2003 we started our drop-in center, which the
group now refers to as "Casa Alba", or "The White
House".  It is a safe place for people to come to for
12 Step groups, fellowship with others in recovery,
and for individual counseling. We also have our
offices here, and we also do most of our programs
out of this office.
For us to have this place was really a
"God-send" for everyone. We were running
out of space at the clinic we were using,
and the AA group wanted a space for
another meeting, at 12 noon. So with this
new space we gave them a room, and in
return the AA group members remodeled
the entire building for us gratis. We have 10
AA meetings here each week.
Bishop Vasilie was kind enough to come
over and bless our opening. You may
notice some of the group as being from the
Savadisla hospital. We always have them
come into Cluj for special events like this
one. The lady next to the bishop is Dr.
Rodica Cretiu from the hospital.
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Fellowship, friendship and fun
are what we try to provide at
our monthly dinners. We have
as many as 70 people come,
many of who are homeless or
living in a shelter.
We are now able to provide a hot meal
each day for those who need it.
Afterwards there is time for fellowship
before the "Nooner" AA meeting.
Having a day center also gives us
the opportunity to talk to those who
have not discovered the benefits of
recovery. Here you see one of our
peer counselors visiting with a
Many people who use our program
are working, and living in the
community. But finding jobs can be
difficult over here, especially ones
which offer a future. Personal growth
is difficult on an empty stomach.
Spirituality is at the very heart of
recovery programs like ours, and we
offer each client the opportunity learn
and grow spiritually. Here you see Fr.
Cristie giving our "Casa Alba" a
blessing at our annual festival in
October. Watching people in our
program grow spiritually in recovery is
a great joy to me.